"Best show...Best value...
Best entertainment on the island!"

J. Woodham, Portsmouth

Every year, we receive thousands of enthusiastic remarks from visitors after experiencing the spectacle of the Waltzing Waters.

One inspired patron was so moved, he wrote the poem you see on the right.

Scroll down to see a further sampling of what visitors say on a daily basis...


by Dennis Stevenson
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire, UK

Slender cascades of crystal rainbows
A million fingers of fiery light
They dance in musical majesty
Like silver angels in mystic flight.

A display of rhythmic symbols
A kaleidoscope of symphonic bliss
This cavalcade of jeweled chandeliers
Has the delicacy of an angel's kiss.

In this garden of waltzing waters
grows fairy-land fountains of youth
the splendor of phantasy maidens
performing their ritual of truth.

Water explodes in a crescendo of sound
As the spectacle dazzles the mind,
This collection of computerised creations
Leaves a memory of magic behind.


Waltzing Waters Clip

– Testimonials –

Mary Holmes, Shiremoor

Nicola Martin, Dundee Scotland

Ken Price, Somerset

This is what "magic" looks like!
Clair Hall, Swindon Wilts

Better than Disney's fireworks!
Dennis and Anita

Max Lovel-Hoare, Surrey

Bharat Dabi, Enfzeld

Words can't say how wonderful this was!
Rita Horshey, Feltham

Better than chocolate!
Gill and John

The 8th wonder of the world...fantastic!
A. & D. Smith

A grand finale to the end of my holiday!
Shirley Fay, Billericay Essex

Brilliant!.. best attraction on the island!
Mr. & Mrs. D. Sarjent, Somerset

Marvelous! A fireworks display in water!
Michele Saiver, Suffolk

Out of this world! We have never enjoyed something so much!
Kanchar Bhavisha, Leicester

Absolutely the best attraction in the whole of England! Utterly fantastic!
W. & R. Wass

Enchanting splendor captivates your mind & heart, leaving you in total awe...
Jaymie Friend, Zimbabwe

Has to be seen to be believed!
Mr. & Mrs. P. Brain, Leichester

A fantastic firework display without the crackers!
Avis Forrester, Heathford

The most incredible visual experience I've ever had!
Paul Morgan, Brighton

Transports one to another world!
Mr. & Mrs Poller, Stratford

Cosmic! Fantastic! As good as Disney!
J. Wilson

Every year we come back... and every year we're spellbound!
The Strivens, Warlingham

Once seen, never forgotten!
Mr. and Mrs. Billfort, Chastonbury

Beautiful, like being inside a rainbow!
Mr. and Mrs. V. Cox

A spectacular aquatic-musical-firework display!
Michael Leives, Kent

Absolutely fantastic!
N. Napline, Felixtown

Miram Kuball, Germany

A feast for eyes and ears!
Diane Bradford

More spectacular than any fireworks display!
Janet Colin, South Devon

Very entertaining! Something for all ages!
Mr. and Mrs. Haas, Kent

Mr. and Mrs. Oakes, Rainham, Kent

An endless variation of wonders!
Sylvia and Ken Brocklebank

Marvelous and magical experience!
B. J. Kealy

Macolm Harvey

Our 6th visit...can't wait 'till next time!
Gladys and Roy, Sevenoakes, Kent

George H. Taylor

Absolutely awe-inspiring!
Emma and Becca, Southampton

A. Fairbairn, Hampshire

Evelyn Stevens, Northampton

J. Price

Liquid fireworks!
Julie Trimmer, Portsmouth

Been all over the world...never saw anything like this! Beyond imagination!
Rani Shansna, Bristol

The air is the canvas...the water, the paint...the music, the inspiration. Truly magic!
Nick & Jenny Churchill,


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